Dear Domain

You only exist with a dot. Yet it sparked immediately all the same.
360 million of you are already taken. Finding one was my aim.
Because you come in different categories and end in 1,000 different ways,
A 36-24-36 might do for anyone, but 1 to 63 characters is the perfect size nowadays.
Many registrars offer you for registration, but only at InterNetX ended my hunts:
In the Domain Studio I was finally able to find and bind you to myself for 12 months.
It was love at first sight, ordered in AutoDNS with just a click.
Now you resolve the IP of my website and redirect all the world to it.
You are now part of my email address, so that I may never forget!
Now I must always remember to renew you, lest I be full of regret.

With love,

Dear Domain

Made with Heart in Regensburg by InterNetX

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